Interview: Charm of Finches —

This past year has certainly had enough to offer in terms of hard emotions. Working on a new album throughout a pandemic has been a challenge, but Ivy and Mabel have both adapted to life under lockdown. They have been writing and recording in their home/studio in Melbourne, then the tracks are produced by Daniel Ledwell all the way over in Canada. ‘With recording it like this, we definitely have a lot more control. There’s a lot more technical responsibility on us and it’s really empowering to d

Line of Duty and fictionalised realities

The controversial Line of Duty finale kick-started a conversation about fiction’s duty to reflect reality. Was this storyline the right move or did it end up just disappointing the show’s fans? On the 2nd of May 2021, the final series of Line of Duty came to an end on BBC One. The hugely successful police drama had run for six series since 2011 and occupied a primetime Sunday night slot. However, the closing note of the finale wasn’t what fans were expecting. Instead of going out all guns blazi

Weekly Roundup —

I’m Not A Man — Suzi Moon Joan Jett, Bikini Kill, and now Suzi Moon. This is feminist punk rock’n’roll that kicks the door wide open in high-heeled combat boots. A lone bass guitar riff leads into a high energy, unapologetic anthem that can only be shouted at full volume – ‘I’m not a man and I don’t give a damn!’. The straight-white-male punk scene better watch out, because Suzi Moon is taking zero prisoners. Bad Person — Garvie Solo artist Garvie’s debut track is painfully self-aware. It pre

REVIEW: The Whether Channel – Skully and Ted’s Bogus Journey

Bringing in their second release of 2021 is New York ‘bummercore’ quartet The Whether Channel. Their new EP follows in the grand tradition of midwest emo but also doesn’t shy away from the genre’s hardcore influences. Opening track Can’t Help But Feel Like A Stranger has a melodic, indie-sounding first half that then bursts into some truly vicious screamed vocals. The two vocalists Andrew Garces and Rory Stanley really convey the emotion behind the record’s complex, often existential lyrics. Th

POCKETSIZE #2 – German grunge & the emo revival

In Pocketsize I round up some of my favourite recently released singles from the alternative, punk and metal scenes. As Everything Unfolds – On The Inside Kicking off this edition of Pocketsize is the huge new single from British noisemakers As Everything Unfolds. This was the final track released before their debut album Within Each Lies The Other (out March 26th via Long Branch Records). Blending post-hardcore riffs with massive symphonic choruses, this is already on my heavy rotation. For

‘Your model of living is taken away from you’: How will Brexit affect touring musicians?

Smaller artists will soon struggle to stay afloat and support themselves, as the UK government rejects visa-free tours to the EU. On January 10th 2021 we were informed that the UK government rejected the EU’s proposal of visa-free travel for British musicians, as reported by The Independent. What followed was scapegoating and finger pointing from both sides of the negotiating table. After already being devastated by the coronavirus pandemic, the music industry needs security now more than ever.

REVIEW: Lande Hekt – Going To Hell

Going To Hell is the debut solo album from Muncie Girls frontwoman Lande Hekt. Emotional and introspective, the record addresses loneliness, sobriety and anxiety with a folk DIY attitude. The simple guitar-led instrumentals really bring Hekt’s lyrics to centre stage. This solo project has allowed her to tackle much more personal themes than in Muncie Girls, but don’t worry, the anti-Tory political edge is still fiercely present. 2020 definitely found me listening to more folk punk and DIY artis

"Social media is undemocratic": Offended by Irvine Welsh - Review

Basic Plant Care: Keep those indoor plants alive and thriving Everybody has, unfortunately, managed to kill those “unkillable plants”. From a generic cactus to a monstera deliciosa, plant care can seem daunting and overly complex, but it really doesn’t have to be. With spring just around the corner, many plants are in their prime which makes it the perfect time to hone that green thumb….

FEATURE: Where do zines fit in a world of Instagram and TikTok?

Zines: anyone can make them and they can be about pretty much anything. But in a world of social media and non-stop content, why keep making zines? Surely if you wanted to spread the word about your favourite thing you’d just set up an Instagram fanpage or a stan Twitter? People do that too, of course, but zines and the culture around them are still very much around. But with the massive changes in how we consume media and form communities it’s interesting to look at why zines have persisted. T